Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tessa's Project

Tessa is in 1st grade this year and for her Christmas project, the first graders have been asked to do a "Pay it Forward" project the last 4 yrs. I think this is such a wonderful idea. It really gets the children to think about others and serving those around them. Tessa has been begging me to get her hair cut for months. I'm glad we waited! She decided to give her hair to "Locks of Love" to donate to cancer patients in making wigs. One of the requirements is the hair has to be at least 6 inches. We cut a total of 9 INCHES!!!

Before picture......

And the after picture! She has a cute A-line cut! She loves it and so do I! She felt so good to donate her hair for such a great cause!

My Birthday Adventure!!

Tracy for my birthday surprised me with a helicopter ride from our good friend Glen. Hailee was also able to come and we LOVED every minute of it. I sat in the front and was a little terrified....I'm such a baby about heights. We had a great 40 min ride!

Family pictures

We had our family pictures done in Oct 2010 in Lehi, Utah, by my cute sister JoRae who does a fabulous job. I can't believe how popular this site was. We actually had to wait for 15-20min for the people in front of us to finish their pictures. I think we captured a few good ones!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A little of everything....

I am so behind....going back to May, Tessa had a birthday and turned 6 yrs old! I can't believe how big she is getting. We had some of her friends come over and we went roller skating. They had a blast! Tessa by far is my outspoken, animated, and very observant child. She keeps us laughing daily.

Reese had to have tubes placed June 18Th due to the 5 ear drum ruptures. Poor boy! This was a hard morning for him and especially for me! He did great and continues to do great now that the tubes are placed.

This summer we added another animal to our so called "farm." Hailee and Tessa saved up their money to buy a bunny. I told them they are responsible for feeding and making sure the bunny has water. They along with their sister Afton were elated! So we brought home Tickles and that darn rabbit keeps getting out of its cage! The girls have fun chasing him all over the yard!

Reese celebrated his 1st birthday and we had a lot of fun with him. He loved the animals his grandparents gave him! We had fun watching his cute expressions and devouring his birthday cheesecake! He is starting to say words: Momma, Dada, bye, ball, balloon, uh-oh. He is the life of the party and makes his sisters smile constantly.

Hailee and Tessa started 3rd and 1st grade this year at Xavier Charter School. They were so excited to see their friends. Tessa was excited to eat lunch at school and ride the bus with Hailee to and from school. They both are doing well and continue to amaze us in what they know and can do. Afton and Reese get to stay home with mommy and I'm loving it!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

It is all good....

How time flys by....our family is doing great! As you can see Reese is growing up and is already 10 mo old! He is so much fun! He loves to play "Patty cake" and clap his hands, he waves bye, is crawling and pulling himself up to everything, has eaten dog food 3 times now, has 8 teeth, loves animals especially our dog Rexie, poor Rexie! He definitely keeps us on our toes! He also LOVES balls. His little eyes light up every time he sees a ball. It is so cute!
Watch out Reese is here! He is into everything!

Hailee has been taking piano lessons this year and this was her first recital. She did an awesome job and we love her piano teacher Donna Cox.

Also, Hailee turned eight in April and was baptized by her dad. What a special daughter she is! She is growing up way too fast. This was a wonderful day with family and friends. Hailee's Grandpa and Grandma Nance came all the way from Oklahoma to be there!

I love my family! Our kids each have a unique way about them and keep us laughing day to day. They just grow up way to fast!

Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm Back!!

Okay so I haven't blogged in such a LONG time I know! I'm a slacker lately I have to say. Hey but I've been out of control busy with four kids! Whoever said having four kids is easy doesn't know what they are talking about, or they are the most patient person ever! Ha! My life might be a little crazy, but it is a new adventure everyday:) Reese is growing up so much. He is 4 1/2 months and weighs a whopping 15lbs! I LOVE chunky babies! He is such a good boy too. He still wakes me up to eat at night which we need to nip in the bud like yesterday! His smile is so contagious and he is laughing and having fun with his sisters. I think we will keep him:)

Hailee is such a great older sister at 7 1/2 yrs. She doesn't complain (okay maybe sometimes) but helps me sooooo much! She is liking her new school Xavier Charter School and doesn't mind wearing uniforms daily. She loves her 2ND grade teacher Mrs. Archibald. She is very artistic and creative. None of that comes from me:)

The girls love their little brother to death! Tessa is always telling me "Mom, you had such a cute baby" She is the little mother in the home. She can't bear to see Reese cry. If I don't get him right away she is bringing him right to me. They can't wait for him to get bigger so he can play with him. I on the other hand don't want him to grow up!

I'm so not a Halloween person! My kids love dressing up and I'm a little bah hum bug about myself dressing up. Hailee was the Ice Witch off Narnia, Tessa Minnie Mouse, Afton was a pink poodle, and Reese was a dinosaur. They had fun at our ward "Trunk or Treat" and going to our neighbors homes.

Needless to say we are all fine and well. Now if life could just slow down a little!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tessa's Day

Tessa started Kindergarten on Mon the 24Th. I can't believe I have two children in school now. She has been looking forward to this day for awhile. She was up at 6:30am and ready to go. Her dad had fixed her breakfast and she had her teeth brushed. I told her to lay by me for 10 or 15 min and then we would get up. She kept saying, "I get to go to school!" She loves her teacher Mrs. Olsen and has already made bunches of new friends. She is my social butterfly, and very observant. She comes home and tells me all about her day, and about all her little friends. I just LOVE her to pieces!!